Buying a School

Buying a School or Nursery?

There are currently about 350 buyers registered with National School Transfer, and we aim to offer a buying a school service that is personal, professional and, above all, confidential.

Buying a school is a sensitive issue so we ask all our buyers to register with us. Only when registration is complete can we divulge information about schools that are on our register.

Registration involves:

  • Completing either the individual or organisational buyers registration form to tell us the type of school or nursery that you are looking for, including areas of the country or world you are interested in and your price range. We need this information to cross-match your needs on our database with those schools or nurseries that fit your requirements.

Individual buyers:

  • We ask individual buyers send us their CV. This enables us to let the seller know something about your background before you visit their school or nursery. Providing the names and addresses of two character referees, people who know you well and who will endorse your suitability to own and run an independent school or nursery.
  • Most importantly, signing a declaration of confidentiality.

To register with us as an individual buyer please click here

Organisational buyers:

  • Complete details of your website to enable us to verify your credentials
  • Most importantly, signing a declaration of confidentiality.
  • All our services to you as a buyer are completely free.
  • Once your registration is complete we will send you the current full Outline List of schools and nurseries that we have for sale. This will provide you with a flavour of the market.

To register with us as an organisational buyer please click here

Outline list of schools for sale:

The Outline List contains details of schools, nurseries or other educational businesses under these headings…

  1. Nurseries/Schools with a leaving age up to 9 years
  2. Schools with a leaving age up to 13 years
  3. Schools with a leaving age up to 18 years
  4. Special and Specialist Schools including Language Schools
  5. Schools worldwide
  6. Empty premises

The full Outline List is available to registered individual or organisational buyers, click here for a flavour of the current market.

Detailed assessments of schools and nurseries:

A two page confidential assessment is prepared for every property in the Outline List and is provided to fully registered buyers on request.

Our buying a school service to registered buyers:

We will notify you by email as soon as your registration procedure is fully completed (which means, for individual buyers, that we have received your CV and replies from both your referees). Thereafter our service consists of:

  • Sending you, upon request, the up-to-date Outline List.
  • Sending you the detailed Assessment of any new school or nursery that matches your requirements when it comes onto our Outline List. You can at any stage request detailed Assessments of the other schools or nurseries from the Outline List.
  • Introducing you to the seller if, after reading the Assessment, you are interested in taking the next step. This will normally involve arranging a visit to their school or nursery.
  • Providing advice on how to proceed through any negotiations once you have found the school or nursery that you would like to purchase. Once a buyer and seller have been introduced we do not insist on being involved in detailed negotiations as the interested parties are often happy to deal directly. However, it is sometimes helpful if we are involved, either as general facilitators, to act as a medium for negotiation prior to agreeing a price, or simply to assist in keeping an impartial perspective on the situation.
  • Inviting you to our free National School Transfer Seminars on the ‘School or Nursery Buying Process’.