Background on Buying a School

At National School Transfer we pride ourselves on our extensive and detailed knowledge of the education market – we have been involved in selling or buying a school for over 30 years as a business, and over 50 years if our experience in being taught within its ranks is taken into account.

It isn’t just a property that is being transferred in a school sale, but a business that is steeped in a culture with a flavour all of its own and that is acknowledged and recognised throughout the world as possessing a special “something” that breeds success in its pupils.

Independant Schools

There are over 3000 independent schools in the UK. Many of these are charitable institutions, are operated under charitable law and have been around for hundreds of years. These schools probably account for 70% to 75% of the pupils in independent education.

Proprietorial or Private Schools

However, about 1500 schools are operated as sole traders, partnerships or limited companies and have come to be called proprietorial schools or private schools, and these account for the other 25% to 30% of the pupils in independent education.

Generally speaking, the charitable schools are not in the market for changing hands or transferring ownership but the others certainly are.