Thinking of buying or selling a school, nursery or other educational establishment? Then welcome to National SchoolTransfer (NST),
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Enter National SchoolTransfer. Schools for sale or to buy.

Terms and Conditions


National SchoolTransfer (also known as ‘NST’) has operated on these three principles since it was founded in 1989 to provide a top quality school transfer service at attractive commission rates. During this period NST has sold over 100 schools and nurseries, with several under negotiation at any one time.


Schools for sale

If you have a school for sale, we have a constant flow of potential new buyers through extensive advertising in the education market and an increasing number of referrals by word of mouth. To ensure that our buyers are still active we regularly contact them to check that their requirements are up-to-date. The service to all our clients is confidential and we aim to be the most efficient and cost-effective agency in the country. We see no need to tie sellers to a sole agency agreement of any extended period - it could diminish their chance of a successful sale. We offer a high quality service but only charge commission rates of 2-2½%.

We like to meet our clients face-to-face, where possible. This assists in establishing an effective business relationship and helps us to assess your requirements more accurately. Most correspondence will be by telephone or post, of course, where the need for confidentiality is crucial. To ensure this we prefer to contact sellers on a private telephone number, in order that we can talk to them, out-of-hours if necessary, whilst all our letters are marked "Private and Confidential".

Whether you are buying or selling a school, NST offer the complete service.

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